Oct 24 2008

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Shared web hosting service

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Shared web hosting service means that more website is hosted on the same server using the same server resources: same CPU, same RAM memory, same disk space. There can be 2 to 1000 websites on the same server. Or even more if the server has a huge amount of available resources.

Shared web hosting services can even be offered by resellers who are renting a specific amount of webspace from a server.

The advantage of shared web hosting is the low price. If a website is hosted on shared web hosting and it has many visitors, or the website owners working on their own website development - meaning they are using it very often - it can slow down the access to their web content, having a disadvantage in contrast to the dedicated server users.

These services are usually using a web-based control panel such as cPanel, DirectAdmin, Plesk, InterWorx, H-Sphere. Other companies have developed their own.

Shared hosting providers are usually responsible for managing the servers, installing new server softwares or updating them, for security updates and technical support for the users.

Shared web hosting can be created in two ways: name-based and IP-based.
Although some of them allow a mix of these two.

Name based hosting:
This feature also called shared IP hosting, where the virtual hosts are hosting multiple host names on a single server with a single IP address.

IP based hosting
The IP based hosting, also called dedicated IP hosting, the webserver is configured in a way that every website hosted on it has a different IP address. A user connects to this web server over an IP address and the server determines which website to show. The main reason to use this IP based hosting is that the clients can use their own SSL certificate instead of a shared one.

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