Feb 01 2009

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How to choose a hosting company

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To choose a hosting company first you have to know what you want it for: for your website only or more. If you know what purpose your website will have, you can start to approximate how big it will be when you create it and how big it will grow in the first year. Knowing these, you know how much space you need. So you can start analyzing the hosting company offers.

Web hosting companies are always offering the spaces in different packages. Keep in mind that not always the cheapest or the most expensive is the best. Just read the offers and be sure you understand it. If you don’t understand some point of the offers just ask them.

Starting packages can cost 5-50$ per month. A small personal website with approx. 15-30 pages can have 2-5 MB in full size. So a basic package can be enough for a personal and slow growing website.
You may have a discount if you pay the hosting fee yearly or in every 6 months.

Thinking in longer term, also be sure you are familiar with their extension packages (what they offer after you purchased the first package) and if they offer periodically backup or manual backup options (this can be turn important in some points). Don’t forget to sign a contract with them including all the offer items. The contracts are usually made for a non fixed time length so you can move to another company at any time if you are not satisfied with the one you choose.

Also important:

  • Speed and reliability of the servers and hardware (preferably a T3 or higher)
  • Effective bandwidth management (ask for unlimited bandwidth)
  • Backup system don’t cost you in plus
  • Having backup power in case of power failure
  • Uptime 99.9 %
  • Compatibility of the server programs with your website programs
  • To get FTP access to the server and Control Panel access
  • 30 day money back guarantee
  • To offer quality support service

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