Jan 28 2009

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Which visitor types are your target?

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Before creating a website it needs to decide who will come and visit that site. Who you want to come and visit the website you create. Do you have valuable information to give to your visitors?

There are more categories in which the visitors can be categorized:

  • visitors age
  • visitors interests
  • returning visitors
  • visitors gender
  • and others…

You have to decide if your website is meant for kids, teenagers, middle age people, parents, old people, between the age of 6 - 13, or 13 -18, or 18 - 30, 30 - 60, 60 + or the combination of them.

If your business is about selling shoes for kids (let’s say for age of 6-13), it’s obvious that your website’s content or structure or look have to be in their level. It can happen that they are able to visit your website even if they are too young for internet and can decide what shoe they want. Of course most of the time the parents are visiting these websites and they are the ones who buying the product, so the age of the visitor target of your website is approx. 1-13 and 30-60. It would be recommended to have some kid-related graphics, easy-to-navigate structure, but at the same time the look has to give the feeling of security, seriousness and professionalism for the parents (they are the one who buying the shoe for the kid).

The interest:
Decide what you want to offer to your visitors: informational content, or just share your blog articles with others, or you want that the visitors be able to see the info about your products, or you even want them to buy it?

Answer for yourself on the following questions: What are the advantage to them to come to your website? the price of your products? the information that they can use? some political news from which they can find out the newest changes in politics, in government, music, movies, star world or about everything which happens locally in your country or city?

Returning visitors:
Returning visitors come back to your website because they saw or read something that motivated them to come back. Something interesting.

Again, answer on these: What would be the visitors interest to come back later to your website?
You have to provide important, interesting catchy content to your website.

If your website is a portal, you would expect that your visitors come back to read the hot news, general news, horoscope, and many other content which are changing periodically (hourly, daily, weekly, monthly). This kind of website can generate lots of visitors so you need a well-structured, easy-to-access, fast load website. You have to keep their interest all the time.

Let’s say if you create a website for only womans, your target is clear, but you have to make sure you chosen the right look for the website so the womans can have the feeling while visiting it, that it is really made for them, they have to feel comfortable there. They have to feel that it is only for them, if that is what you want as purpose.

If you create a website for men, and use only photos with men and none about women, your visitors might feel that it is a website only or mostly for gay people.

You have to put yourself in the place of your targeted visitors and think about what would they want to see or how they would feel when visiting your website. The point of view is important.

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