Jan 28 2009

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What you need to have a functional website?

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To have a fully functional website the following elements needed:

1. A plan about what website you want

  • which visitor types are your target
  • in what category your website takes part of (portal, personal page, product presentation, online shop, blog etc)
  • what visual structure the website will have
  • where will the website be hosted
  • what design line the website will have to have
  • it will be a simple html based website, or will have a standalone administration area where you can manage your website’s content or structure

2. What will be your website’s name, which will determinate the domain name of the site

  • the business name to choose
  • the domain name to choose
  • the domain name extension to choose

3. A hosting space for the website

  • depending of the website structure: how much space you need at the beginning or you will need in the future (thinking on expanding the website in longer term). If it needs a bigger space, then its better to have a dedicated box with lots of space and independency
  • what programs are already installed on the server of the hosting space

4. The design of the website’s look

  • what will be the theme of the website
  • what colors are better to use related to the business type and/or the visitors type
  • what kind of expressive images better to use (photos, 2d, 3d, manually created images)

5. The creation of the website pages using basic or complex html

  • the structure of the html page or pages and the related files (images, css, html)
  • arrange them into a hierarchical structure
  • use repeatable page structure for easier build or manage
  • use of the non visible but important elements inside the html code, which are helpful for the search engines and other common search programs

6. Valuable and targeted content for the website pages

  • decide what content the website will have
  • group the content in different categories
  • if need, use subdomains instead of categories
  • decide which categories or pages will have higher importance and be sure the visitors see them first, so they will easily find all the website content beginning with the most important content

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