Jan 31 2009

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What website category your website take part of?

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This is a question which should be asked before making your website. It needs decided in which category takes part of:

  • personal page
  • blog
  • interactive art work
  • informational website
  • portal website
  • product presentation
  • online shop

Personal pages are like business cards about a person, or group of persons. It has to be visually simple, showing any important info about that person or group. Because it’s a personal page, it could contain personal info, photo, video, sound, work in pdf or other, so it necessarily needs to include some copyright elements in addition, not just a simple copyright text at the bottom of the page. It’s also need a “terms and conditions” page which explains how personal the content of the website is and in what condition these contents can be or may be used. Also needs a “privacy policy” page which means how the website owner or administrator is using the information of the visitors when they visiting the website.

There is a new copyright possibility exist out there, called Creative Commons. First you choose what type of copyright you need or want for your page, then add a simple banner or link toward that page. They have involved multiple country copyright, they working together with these countries authorities to extend the copyrights even more.

Blogs are kind of personal pages also, they can be used to write periodically something new or informational. There are blog engines exist on the web. They are relatively simple to use, to make it work, to change (personalize) the look. More people uses blogs to write the daily happenings about her/himself, its like a personal diary in electronic format. Blogs are very widely used around the world, there even exists search engines for only blogs: Technorati, Google.

For interactive art work a program called Macromedia Flash is often used. There are other computer programs exist for these kind of art works, but the Flash is the most known. Also it is combined with other Macromedia products to achieve a very good and stunning result. They can be animations without a useful side in the websites point of view, but after watching them you definitely remain with a good feeling experience. These can be parts of websites like a weird navigation, or weird appearance of a website page. They can contain hidden elements, hard to find parts, or slowly appearing art lines or shapes, similar like an animation. They also can be real websites with an interesting new form of appearance, new kind of menu navigation, which gets your interest immediately, but unfortunately with a slow loading time and hard-to-find elements.
They are not really passing any website-usability-award, but they are surely interesting.

Informational websites are simply presentations of something like a mountain, old house, museum, rare trees, vacation places, etc. They contain descriptions, videos, sounds and/or photos of that object or place. They are simply informational websites.

Portal website can be a website of a country, city, a place; it can be addressed for only women, men, or children. It can be about animals, television, space or interesting part of life or earth. Basically it can be about almost anything. A portal website is a complex informational website, with lots of useful things on their pages, like different news, weather cast, info about a city, forum for talks, chat, photo gallery, yellow pages of a city, maps, vacation routes and many others. It can be a place where you go almost daily to find out the new things, trends or what is happening around you.

A product presentations website can be a presentation of a company’s products, info and photo about them. It can contain presentation animations, videos, sounds of a specific product.
It can be a complex website, with categorized products and pages about the company, what they offer, or what they do, how their products are used, why they are good, who runs the company, contact maps, contact info, testimonials about the products or the company and many more.

The online shop is like a product presentation website, but in addition you can buy the products. It’s like a virtual version of a real shop, but you also can see the new offers, new products, best selling products and many more, which you not always can in a real shop, or you don’t pay much attention to it.

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